FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Updated May 3, 2012

Q:  How do I download wav sounds for my computer or akai MPC?
A:  Please visit our download test page first and click our free test download files. You will need to create an account on our new store " InstantDigitalinc.com " in order to start the free download.

We use paypal to process payments for purchased downloadable items.

Still have questions? Please use our Contact Form

Q:  I own an mpc-2000 and I'm having problems hearing the sounds, what's wrong?
A:  Most mpc-2000 disks have one button loading.  Our disks require you load the ALL File (all songs & seq.) AND the PGM. File.  To do this:  Insert the disk, load the ALL file, and turn the dial 1 space clockwise till you see the PGM file.  Load this file next.  If you see the SND files, you've gone too far.

Q:  Does Midimark sell demo disks?
A:  Yes,  please visit Order Page on Natural Printing .

Q:  Does Midimark sell SYSTEM START UP OPERATING BOOT UP disks?
A:  Yes,  please visit Order Page on Natural Printing .

Q: I live in Los Angeles, is their anyway I can come by and pick up the disks?
A:  We're sorry but we are strictly a mail order business.  We keep our cost low this way and pass the savings on to you.
We do however offer Next Day Air and Second Day Air services at a resonable fee.

Q: I'm looking for that Isley brothers lead sound, do you have it?
A:  We have many lead sounds available for the Ensoniq Sampler.  We may have just what your looking for.  That
isley sound is very hard to duplicate, but we've come very close.  Disk #747  has a sound called "isley lead" other notables are: 138.584.532.488.408.383.746.752.753.761  see our Ensoniq Lists for more info:

Q: I don't understand the disk pricing, please explain.
A:  Ensoniq floppy disks start at  $2.90 each.  Shipping is additional and all prices are subject to change without notice.

For Akai MPC disks, the prices start at about $2.90 a disk. .
Shipping is additional on all orders.  Quantity discounts only apply to the particular order.

Q: How can I pay from an International country?
A:  Send an International Money Order. Or, use our order site and use Paypal.

Q: Do we sell blank disks
A:  Yes -   http://www.midimark.com/blankdisks.html

Q: Does Midi Mark sell system disks?
A:  Yes we do.  They sell for $9.95 + shipping each.  Click to purchase a physical floppy disk 3.5". We do not offer downloads because of the complexity of transferring data to floppy disks is combersome.

Q: Starcraft Maps
A: Yes we do. click for em.

Midi Mark, PO box 217, Whittier, CA 90608. USA
Salesperson at (562) 500-5981 vm/pager/cell.

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