All disks come in Roland S-330 format and are compatible with these samplers:
S-50, 550, 330, 760, W-30, DJ-70

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Drum Samples
Disk Number - Disk Title - Disk Description

DS001 - TR-606 - Analog drum machine samples ( depeche & oldschool style sound)
DS002 - TR-808 - The phatest analog drum sounds around (the sound that made 2live crew famous)
DS003 - TR-909 - The most authentic house music drums ever.
DS004 - House Boom kit 1 - Some old house chicago sytle sounds
DS005 - House Boom kit 2 - Very hard to find house drums & sounds
DS006 - Akai XR-10 - Phat rock drums
DS007 - Percussion Toyz - Nine inch drum Industrial sounds
DS008 - Sci Fi drums & FX - Trip out on these
DS009 - Boss DR-550 - Big sounds from a small box
DS010 - Simmons Drums - Old school rules, and this is the sound
DS011 - Tech Drums - More industrial sounds
DS012 - Tech Drums 2
DS013 - Emu Drumulater & Korg KPR77 - Older school drums
DS014 - Roland R5 - Clean & mean
DS015 - Yamaha RX7 - The late 80's pop sound
DS016 - MT-32 Drums - Some house classics were made from the sounds
DS017 - Korg SR120 drums - Phatist Boom I've ever heard is on this disk
DS018 - Emu Drums (proteus) - Standard kit
DS019 - Roland CR-80 (great elec. kit)
DS020 - Alesis SR-16 kicks
DS021 - Yamaha PSR48 Drums (+ Latin, orch, FX)
DS022 - Korg 01/W drums with reverb
DS023 - SQR drums
DS024 - Korg S3 drums
DS025 - Korg M1 Drums #1
DS026 - Alesis D4 Drums
DS027 - Alesis HR16:B Drums
DS028 - Alesis HR16:B Cymbals & Perc
DS029 - Boss DR660 Drums
DS030 - Korg T3 Drums
DS031 - MPC-60 drum kit 1 - Drum kits include kicks, snares, hi hats and other sounds.
DS032 - MPC-60 drum kit 2 - Super phat kicks & snares on these disks
DS033 - MPC-60 drum kit 3
DS034 - MPC-60 drum kit 4
DS035 - TR-626 whole kit with latin
DS036 - MPC-60 drum kit 5 (909 kick, humpty clap, more)
DS037 - MPC-60 drum kit 6 (kicks, snrs, fx, hype sounds)
DS038 - Mo' Jackin' Set #1 (8snrs, 7kicks, 4 hypes, boom)
DS039 - Mo' Jackin' Set #2 (8kicks, 11 snrs, 2 perc.)
DS040 - Rump Hype Set (2 hi hats, jingle bells, 10 snrs, 6 kicks)
DS041 - Yamaha RM50 (Techno Percussion)
DS042 - Live Acoustic Kit (2 kiks, 3 snrs, rim, hh, drum loop)
DS043 - Funky Live Kit (2 kiks, 4 snrs, 2 hh, ride, crash, sub bass, 4 perc)

Synths ------ go to top of page

SN001 - D-50 Texture Synths (Monster, chinaFan, esque, prett. organ, e.p.)
SN002 - D-50 V2 Synths (Jete, St. Heav., OK, Steel pick, more)
SN003 - D-70 V2 (gtrpnostring, layer, nite spirit, space drama, midi piano 1-2, DLM synth, DLM piano)
SN004 - U220 Patches (Atmosphere, prelusion, future pad, native, catastrophe, spectrum, warm piano, voc string)
SN005 - Cyber Synths and FX (old Proteus, not made by Emu)
SN006 - DX7s (GTR synth, chorus GTR, hit pad, mallet brass, follower, pno bells, st. elmos, electro combo)
SN007 - Wavestation 4 (8 patches, ballet, Jupiter dream, etc.)
SN008 - VFX #1 (Synth horns, sizzle brass, orch solo, flange 5th, pizziacato, deepsness, angelica, woodnwords)
SN009 - Moog Prodigy Cyber Synths & FX (Synth, bass, 8 patches)
SN010 - JD800 (multi piano, meaty bass, Invocation, drums, Strat, Perc vox, Klick pad, MiamiVice piano)
SN011 - SQ2 synths (new horizon, todays organ, pulsewave, mystic, string sec, pno vox, wailing synth)
SN012 - Bass' (moog, mks80, tx816, 81Z, more)
SN013 - Juno Bass (4 juno, 1 super sub bass)
SN014 - Sequntial Split8 (2 classic bass, synth fx, perc)
SN015 - TB303 (12 classic bass for rave, techno dance)
SN016 - MC-202 (10 bass, analog techno-house)
SN017 - D-50 (8 house synths & pads, pad, Moog, OB, bass, res, layer)
SN018 - D-70 (Wet Synth, Orian, moon light, string, tropical, DLM a phone, earth bell, rock organ)
SN019 - Korg 03R/W (midi piano, pollen, ana strg, hit the dust, swell, vecter, bass E, sci fi)
SN020 - Peavy DPM V3 Synth (digi 6, a-slide, oberheim, seg. bass, synth rise, thik, drums)
SN021 - M1 Synths #1 (nails, piano, brass, sax, pan, ohhs, pick B, organ)
SN022 - M1 Synths #2 (acous. bass, choir, strings, bottles, synth bass, solo, overture, sitar, angels, tubular)
SN023 - M1 Synths #3 (slap bass, wire, metal, plop, swing, synth bass 2, string rise, rock guit, pan wave, voices, voc organ)
SN024 - Oberheim Matrix 6 (Geneva, 2-nite, drama, bass syn, forest, mitch bass, spass bass, fireball)
SN025 - Kawai K4 #1 (strings, vangelis, choir, syn bass, nymph, mass, mem)
SN026 - DX-100 Best Bass (Synth, Fuzz, Easy, Mono, Wood, Solid) 9 total
SN027 - Moog/Realistic Techno Bass 1-9
SN028 - JD-800 #2 (all stops, cryst. rohds, sweeper, fusion, mr. brass, swell)
SN029 - D-70 #4 (st. heaven, foklore, soundtrack, pizzigato, strings, funk)
SN030 - SY-77 (ana brass, y drums, swirl, pad, elec piano, wayfarer)
SN031 - Juno 106 (12 patches of bass, strings, synth) SN032 - Kawai K3m (7 sounds- Fat analog bass, bell, strings) SN033 - ESQ1 (Island, Pluk, Klink, Tribal, Organ, 4x, Strings, syn Bass)
SN034 - D70 (Sweepster, Big Synth, Tack Pno, Stack, Horn,Wow syn)
SN035 - TG-33 Yamaha (Digit, Euro, Wire, Attack, Dist., House bass, Nu age, Mini, Synth 1, Xiri)
SN036 - SY-35 Yamaga (Warm, Full, Filter, Dyna, Brash, Fat, Analog, Vienna, Intro, Island syn, Brassy, Mod'd JX, Lush, Pad, Athena)
SN037 - O1W & TS10 (Raw pad, Pino bass, Legend, Bow bass, Crystal EP, Dark Pad, Raw Pad)
SN038 - TX81Z & D-50 (TX Piano 1, 2, Stacato Heavan, H. String, Nylon Guitar, Suave Hit)
SN039 - Sequential 6 Track (Lead, analog, Zio, buzzer, holo, quip, hummer lead, organ, hackle, electro)
SN040 - Techno Syn Juno shreder, house hype, grit pad, pad love, klub bass, horny corn bf, squally noiz, angelic pad, snr, glasser, on tap x.
SN041 - Hammond B-3 Organs (B3 Full, Low B3, Hi B3, Raunchy B3, Unison organ, Perc organ, Perc uni organ.
SN042 - Wurlitzer Piano (Full length electric piano, chorus piano, vibra pno, (3 full pianos)Chords - Long Beach, Rap delights, single note, bronx style, mmp rap beat 90 bpm, 1 mo cordee
SN043 - Demented Wurlitzer (Chords) 2 demented, single note #2, bronx #2, rap-wur-sure, tremelo fast, tremelo slow, mmp beat 108 bpm

Kits (drums, synth and/or fx mix) ------ go to top of page

KT006 - MMP Acid kit ( 909, pad, guitar FX)
KT007 - Acid Tech kit 1
KT008 - Acid Tech kit 2
KT009 - SH101 (drums, sub-bass, sirn loop, bell, 3 bass)
KT013 - Techno Bells & Hard Perc.. (15 samples)
KT014 - Techno Horn, Mechanical, D110 drums
KT015 - Techno Kit 1 (drums loops, pno hit, bass, sounds fx)
KT016 - Techno Kit 2 (drums loops, synth, hits)

FX ------ go to top of page

FX001 - Technosis FX (lasers, perc FX)
FX002 - House Voices (lyrical FX)
FX003 - House FX & oldies voices
FX004 - Tekno voices (lyrical FX)
FX005 - Tekno voices 2
FX006 - Industrial FX (classic air raid siren, army fx)
FX007 - Techno Stew FX1 (assorted fx)
FX008 - Techno Stew FX2
FX009 - Acid FX (elec siren, drum beats, bass guit.)\
FX010 - Guns and spoken FX
FX011 - Techno Spoken FX (The Eventide Harmonizer was used to create these mind-bending compterized vocals)
FX012 - Techno Spoken FX 2 (more of the above)
FX013 - Rave vocals (11 samples to get people jumping)

Techno, Trance Series ------ go to top of page

TT001 - Techno Trance 1 (3 leads, hit, sub hit, bass, loop, record pull)
TT002 - Techno Trance 2 (3 beats. 5 hits, 2 techno bass, pad)
TT003 - Techno Trance 3 (6 leads, 5 hits, 1 fx, bass, crowd cheer)
TT004 - Techno Trance 4 (bass, piano hit, euro noise, 3 loops, 3 hits)
TT005 - Techno Trance 5 (sax riff, 3 beats, ana loop, 2 hits, house organ)
TT006 - Techno Trance 6 (14 must have samples)
TT007 - Techno leads and vocals (8 synths, 3 vocals)
TT008 - Tribal Techno drums (9 kiks, 13 snrs, 3 tribal drums)
TT009 - Live Drum loops (6 fast pace, out of your mind loops)
TT010 - 909 Freaked & Tweaked (11 kiks, 4 snr, 2 claps, ride, rim shot, 5 hh)
TT011 - House DNC Techno Drums (22 kiks, snr, 2 hh, open hat, 303 bs)
TT012 - Deep Dish Hse (4 kik, snr, 3 hh, rim, 3 clap, 303, 2 hype, pno dit)
TT013 - 4 House Loops (135, 140 bpm)
TT014 - 4 House Loops #2 (135, 140, 140, 150) TT015 - House 303 & Organ (TB-303 1-6, B3 organ, B3 5th, House organ)

Street Series ------ go to top of page

SS001 - Street Loops + (3 loops, 2 kiks, 4 snrs, 4 hypes teddy stlye)
SS002 - Street Loops + (5 loops, 2 kiks, 3 snrs, 2 hypes)
SS003 - Original Beats (3 loops at 104bpm, kick, snr, horn riff)
SS004 - Street Vocals (28 original dope gangsta vocals)
SS005 - Rumpst Kit (Rump sax, 3 kiks, snr, hh, boom, tamb loop, 2 hypes, crowd sample)
SS006 - MPC kit (4 kiks, 4 snrs, hh, ohh, clap, tamb, triangle, crash, horn hit, horn fall)
SS007 - Beats (7 loops by D. Black)
SS008 - Street Kit Rough sounds (6 kiks, 6 snrs)
SS009 - Ton o' drums (6 kiks, 9 snrs, hh, ohh, string sample, boom)
SS010 - Funky Live Drum Loops (3 loops 102 & 100 bpm, 2 kiks, 3 snrs 3 hh)
SS011 - B-Dogs Drum Kit (9 kiks, 19 snrs, hh, ohh)
SS012 - Street Ballad Kit (3 kiks, 8 snrs, 3 hits, 2 loops, bass)
SS013 - Underground Drums (9 kicks, 10 snares, Stub bass, FX, Sax)
SS014 - Rap Thangs (4 kicks, 4 snrs, 2 vocals, wind, sub bass, weird gtr)
SS015 - "The Bomb" Drum Kit (5 kicks, 4 snrs, tamb, 2 scratches, 2 FX)
SS016 - Black Set (10 kicks, 10 snrs, Rap Whirl FX, low sound FX)
SS017 - Serious Rap Kit (11 Bass, 1 Drum kit)
SS018 - Street Drums & Sounds (4 snrs, 1 kik, 1 fx, 2 booms, horn, 2 fills, record pop loop, record stop)
SS019 - Miami Bass kit (2 booms, 5 snr, 2 hh, 5 fx, 2 jazz bass, org, jazz note)
SS020 - R&B, Slow Rap Drums (2 kik, 3 snr, 4 hh, ride, 2 triangles, shaker, boom, 2 loops 88 bpm)
SS021 - Raw Drums (9 kik, 11 snr, 1 hh, 2 fx, clap, 2 pads, octo ray, sin bass, deal bass) SS022 - Crazy Ass Drums (8 kiks, 6 snrs, 2 hh, 3 boom, 1 loop, horn, 2 sax echos, lil wha)
SS023 - "G" Kit (11 bass', chordy, rhodes, dre stings)
SS024 - Branded Set (3 kiks, 3 snr, jingle bells, 1 hh, 2 dog shakers, rhodes, down strings, 1 drum loop)
SS025 - Cool Fat Smack (3 kiks, 3 hh, snap, clap verb, gtr echo, tri, 2 bass bends, hip hop bass, reverse snr, LL hit, small shaker, rhodes, e coast bass)
SS026 - Phat Vibes (808 low drum, boom, loop 98 bpm, kik 1-7, smack 1-3, hallow snr, hard snr 1-6, funny snr 1-3, triangle, hi hat closed 1, 2, hi hat open 1, 2) NEW! Street Series
SS027 - Dog LB Drums (4 kicks, 9 snrs, clap, 6 hh, dog bass, solid b, gunn b, black b, filter bass, smoof, attack b, boben, doggy lead, LFO lead
SS028 - Live & Flat Drums (6 kicks, 7 snrs, boom, 3 opn hh, 4 clsd hh, 3 rides, clap, perc noise
SS029 - Back in the Day Drums (7 kicks, 9 snares, 3 claps, rim shot, tom, 4 hi hats, shaker bright, revesed drum, old skool loopf

Guitar Series ------ go to top of page

GT001 - Guitar Series Wha #1 (Riffs, single notes, vocoder gtr, (12 samples)
GT002 - Guitar Series Wha #2 (5 riffs, 5 gtr fx, 2 wha whas)
GT003 - Guitar Series Wha #3 (6 gtr fx, 7 riffs)
GT004 - Guitar Series Wha #4 (3 riffs, jazz gtr, 8 gtr fx effects)
GT005 - Guitar Series Wha #5 (Old dog, mad gtr, lil tik, phat wha, midi, spitter, soft wond, Jimi Hndx, 70Õs drive, goodby)
GT006 - Guitar Series Wha #6 (2 funk pieces, 2 JB style, tense, 3 vari riffs, suckup, tide run)
GT007 - Guitar Funk by K.M. (pull back gtr, wha 1-4, single fall, rakin, delayed back, fast wha, black bass, bass slide)

Undaground Series ------ go to top of page

UG001 - Distorto Drums (2 kiks, 2 snrs, hh, hit, 2 loops)
UG002 - Blunted Kit (2 loops, 2 kiks, 2 snrs, gtr, cow, clave)
UG003 - Street Instruments (Chords, strang, horn, jazzy bass, rhodes, echno wha, sax east coast style)
UG004 - East Coast Drums (4 kiks, 4 snrs, 1 boom, 2 drum loops, hh, ohh, 2 bass, gtr,)
UG005 - Black Town (9 kiks, 13 snrs, vibra slap, horn rise)
UG006 - Mo Stuff (7 kiks,5 snrs, 2 hh, record pop, 1 scratch, 1 loop, ohhs, 5 horn fx, sable bass, low rap bass, R&B bass)
UG007 - Show U Rite (real dre bass, retro bass, slow horn, chug gtr, wowie worm, raggae bass, gangst ahhs, 2 kiks, 2 snrs, ride hh, hum boom, 4 echos, 4 hypes)
UG008 - Ton O Bass (zap fx, 6 snrs, 6 bass, jupiter 8, porno echo, string, stacato heaven)
UG009 - TX81Z Bass (Raga Bass, TX moog, syn dre bass, record bass, street bass, lowfreak, warm square, hemroid bass)
UG010 - Guitar Falls (guitar falls, echo wahs, basses, 2 drum loops, kik, snr)
UG011 - Mo' R&B & Rap (6 kiks, 7 snr, 2 hat, ride, 85 loop, 95 bpm loop)
UG012 - G 2 Da Curb (11 kik, 10 snr, 1 boom, 4 hh, 3 burn bs, bass, ass bs)
UG013 - I'll Flave (5 kik, 5 snr, 3 hh, 2 booms, 1 loop @ 100.5 bpm)
UG014 - Flaver Drums (6 kik, 3 snr, shaker, 1 loop, 3 syn fx, 2 sub bass, flava note, napi horn)
UG015 - Dry Dope Drums (8 kiks, 13 snr, 3 boom, 2 hh, 1 shaker, clap, rim 2 bass)
UG016 - Blunted Loops (4 loops 85 bpm)
UG017 - From Da UndaLoops (6 loops, 84, 91.5, 98, 95, 97 bpms)
UG018 - Rap Rhodes (D's private stash of 11 patches)
UG019 - Gansta Gunshots (insert, cock, 2 hand guns, 4 rifles, 1 shot gun)
UG020 - Ruff-chest (7 hh, boom, 4 kiks, rim, 4 snrs, 100 bpm, ring tin, 2 fx)
UG021 - 100% Raw Underground Drums (11 kiks, 1 boom, 4 snr, 2 clsed hh, 2 open hh, grain ride, poler rhodes, metal eerie, unda bass, air growl) NEW! Undaground Series
UG022 - Bass & Evil Rhodes (kik, snr, cabasa, hh, open hh, triangle, open tri, hh verb, street fish, horn riff, unda bass, bass 2, evil rhodes, waaah, wutangy, lfo rhodes, off rhodes)
UG023 - School D beat & drums (4 kicks, 2 snares, 1 clap, hh, crash, ride, computer noises, 2 skratches, dope loop)
UG024 - SP1200 Beats (4 dope, to da curb loops at 90 bpm
UG025 - Rap Rhodes Vol. 2 (Cycled wha, bellish, riff run, wha wha, brighter, off rap, mid range, ping fade, harpish, effected, fulltone, lovegoes rhodes)


Convert Load

The S-760 is capable of reading the older Roland Sampler libraries (S-550 and W-30), as well as the AkaiTM S-1000/ S-1100 Sampler libraries.

Convert Load feature. (s330 --> s760)

1.Press Mode. 2.Move the cursor to F5 Disk and press S1. 3.Press the Value/Menu button. 4.Scroll down the page with the cursor down arrows to 8: Convert Load, and press the S1 button 5.You will be on the Convert Load page. For a W-30 or S-550 Sampler disk, you will see (TG) Patch, which is switchable between Patch or Tone. (AR) is for Area Number on the disk. (CD) is for Current drive.

The AkaiTM S-1000 library can be loaded using the Convert Load feature as well (through SCSI only). Use the above steps 1-4. When you come to the Convert Load page you will see the drive parameter Part. (_) Select between partitions A-I. To switch between Volumes, move the cursor to Volm (_) and select the Volume area. After locating the specific Volumes or Programs (Patches), mark the targets with the S1 button, and press F3/ConvLD.Jump back to the top

DJ-70/DJ-70MKII . Convert Load

Compatible libraries The DJ-70/DJ-70MKII can load sounds from Roland's 700 Series Samplers (S-770, S-750, and S-760) on floppy disks. These sounds are compatible with the DJ-70mkII through SCSI as well as by floppy disk. Both units can also gain access to Roland's S-550 and W-30 Sample library by using the Convert Load function. The DJ-70mkII can also convert load Akai® S-1000/1100 via SCSI.

Use the following procedure to convert load S-550 or W-30 sounds:

1.Press INDEX. 2.Use the DOWN CURSOR button to highlight "Convert Load" (on the right side of the display) and press S1. "Please Insert Disk" will be displayed. 3.Insert a S-550 or W-30 sound disk into the floppy disk drive. 4.To convert all Patches and Tones on the disk, use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "Target" and the VALUE dial to select "All." 5.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "Convert All Execute" and press S1. "Clear Internal Memory Before Loading?" will be displayed. 6.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "YES" and press S1 to erase any existing sounds from the internal memory before loading the sounds off of the disk. Highlight "NO" and press S1 to load the sounds from disk without erasing any currently loaded sounds.

NOTE: It is also possible to convert load individual Patches or Tones from a S-550 or W-30 sound disk. Simply select "Patch to Patch" or "Tone to Partial" instead of "All" in step 4, use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the desired Patch or Tone in step 5, and proceed with step 6.

Use the following procedure to convert load Akai® S-1000/1100 sounds via SCSI (DJ-70mkII only):

1.Press INDEX, use the DOWN CURSOR button to highlight "Convert Load," and press S1. 2.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "Current Drive" and press S1. 3.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the drive containing the Akai® S-1000/1100 Samples (this procedure will not work the floppy drive) and press S1. 4.Press F2 (AKAI). The DJ-70mkII will scan the drive and display the first Volume on the drive. Akai CD-Roms are organized into various volumes which are further broken down into partitions. 5.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "Volume" and the VALUE dial to select the desired volume. 6.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight "Partition" and the VALUE dial to select the desired partition. 7.Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the desired sound and press S1. The DJ-70mkII will begin the convert loading your file(s).

The Convert Load function takes more time than the standard loading procedure. If you save converted Patches or Tones to a DJ-70 or DJ-70mkII formatted disk before turning the power off, you can avoid having to convert load these same sounds again.

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