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E-MU ROMs - Vocal Bytes -Dance Construction Set -Powerhouse CD-ROM - Funky Ass Guitars - MPC Disks

Powerhouse ASR/TS/EPS-16+ CD-ROM - by Pat Finnigan - Transoniq Hacker Magazine -

"For 1,162 instruments, it's an outright bargain." "This is not some randomly organized collection. 20 page directory, these guys are serious."

Powerhouse ASR/TS/EPS-16+ CD-ROM - Keyboard Magazine

* * * * * Five out five - sound quality

Powerhouse Vol. 2 ASR/TS/EPS-16+ CD-ROM - Keys Magazine Germany - September 1998 NEW

86% "As a universal, quickly usable and comprehensive arranging tool "Powerhouse 2" has many great points... "1,500 instruments. The sounds consist mostly of a few samples, sustained sounds are looped very well. Every sound is well playable for its typically specific domain."
Quatitly 4 of 4, Documentation 4 of 4, Sound 3 or 4, Usablility 4 of 4, Price 3 of 4.

Ensoniq 3.5" floppy disks from Midi Mark - by Bryce Inman - Transoniq Hacker Magazine - April 1993.

"Clean, bright and packs a punch."

"When heard in a stereo enviroment, these sounds come alive as they appear to dance across a three demensional field."

Ensoniq 3.5" floppy disks from Midi Mark - by Pat Finnigan - Transoniq Hacker Magazine - September 1996.

"Besides being a very reputable company (MidiMark has been doing this since 1989), MM has quite the veritable plethora of samples to satisfy the most demanding palettes"

"The Minimoog and Prodigy are very well represented in the 10 disk collection. Although they account for only 2 of the ten I received for review, samples were clean with no aliasing artifacts or loop ticks."

"These guys do a great job" "Good stuff from one of the most reputable firms in the business"

Dance Cosntruction Set Vol.1 Audio CD - by Steve Santana

"You'll be equiped to rip the speaker cones out of the woofers at your local dance club."

* * * * * - Sound Quality - Keyboard Magazine - June 1993

Vocal Bytes Vol. 1 Audio CD - by Mark Vail

"A splendid collection of humorous, R&Bish, reggae-ish, and raunchy male, femal, computer generated, and processed vocal samples for house, trance, rap and dance music"

* * * * * - Sound Quality, Seclection, Bang for the Buck - Keyboard Magazine - September 1994

Wall of Sounds Vol. 3 E-mu CD-ROM - Keys Magazine Germany - Alfred Driemel

Sample Mixing Pot "Wall of Sounds Vol. 3" by Syntec offers in compact form pretty much everything that one expects from a universal sound library and it is therefore especially geared toward the beginning sampler user. Ultimate power sounds for techno production or other specialized sound constructions are therefore not found in the product, but a stylistically very inclusive selection of standard sounds are instead offered: synthetic basses and pads, Hammond sounds, a multitude of classical and traditional instruments are available such as effects, computer voices, rap vocals, house and techno drum loops, these instrumental sounds extend from cithars, harps, guitars to church organs, also including strings, grand piano and wind instruments to round out the sample offerings. Also the usually overused orchestral hits fit into the offerings well. The dance sample section of the CD also contains several drum machine sounds, whereby the sounds of the Roland TR-808-909 and CR-78 are naturally included. Unfortunately, the makers of the CD did not follow the standard orientation or usual design of the drum mapping according to the GM-traditional order, but the broad spectrum of the various synthetic bass-, lead- and pad sounds are impressive with the several highlights such as presets of mellotron and synclavier (synthetic piano sound.) A small and very useful collection of vocals, raps and adlibs completes this product - although the rather lengthy rap-takes are one negative aspect of this CD. Finally, a number of effects and atmospherics were not left out, so that even a car crash sound, the original cry of Tarzan and a set of comical tennis hits are featured as special sounds to be discoverd. Conclusion: With "Wall of Sounds Vol. 3" Syntec has created a broad spectrum of useful sounds and in this way enhances in the compact CD-Rom format the E-mu-works-library.

Wall of Sounds Vol. 4 E-mu E4 CD-ROM - Keys Magazine Germany - Holgar Leonhard

FILTERED AND MORPHED Satin-soft, psychedelic filter-sweeps probably will not lose their fascination even in the post-techno-era, just like the wooden-hard percussives and the hypnotic sound variation sequences. And yet with some E-mu 64 or perhaps even 128 users the enormously capable and morphable 6 pol-filters remain untouched - just so: unused, unloved and unimagined. Does the idea of programming these possibilites not faxcinate you? If so, then the " Wall of Sounds Volume 4" perhapes can offer some answeres for you. The CD-ROM dedicates itself in its format to the very capable filters of the big E-mu-sampler. Even if the 200 presets with a total of about 180 Meg samples is not the top of the line, in it several high points are presented. Included are the very well sinthesized area sounds, a variety of presets from "virtual" synthesizers, a number of really authentic poly-moog sounds, and finally the extensive collection of PPG-sounds. All this material then is presented through a well organized programming of the several E-mu filter types. Many of these sounds faxcinate the listener with the classically electroni asthetic in their presented format without even having to further refine the individual sounds. But with the many-faceted modular filters with built-in velocity and controllers, new and novel sound combinations are possible. Several examples of this fascinating mixture of possibilites are the mellotron-, lead-, matrix-12- and TB-303 samples. In other more usual or traditional realms you may find the rest of the presets, that contian guitar, organ and drum sounds. As a rule, all of the samples may be easily used for arranging or programming. A fes specialties can be found here also: such as the now filter- modulated computer voices and the very full and inclusive dance-floor-kit. CONCLUSION: "Wall of Sounds Volume 4" offers a wonderful combination: some noble vintage sounds and effective programming possibilities with the E-mu-filters. To be noted is that all the sounds on this CD are usable only for the e-64 or the E-IV and can be used with the new e-6400, EIV-K, E4-X and E4-X Turbo. 

Keybaord Magazine's Mark Vail says: "Funky Ass Guitars is about performance and inspiration. Maybe it will inspire you as much as it did me." "Dual audio disc collection that contains a wide variety of guitar phrases played individually by Gino Henderson, Mike Boggus, and Eric Wikman. "Who?" asked each of the five Guitar Player (magazine) editors and other staff guitarists I consulted. Okay, so maybe the performers aren't houshold names, but that certainly doesn't detract from the excellent material they've contributed to this product." 

Selection and Sound Quality 8 out of 10. page 112 Keyboard Magazine October 1997.

MPC DISKS - (Poman) Hitman Productions

...Also I just wanted to tell you "Yo shit is da BOMB". ....
Yeah they (other producers) have some nice kits but they're not in the same league as the kits I get from you.
-- Sincerely, Alfonzo