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Demo Disk for Akai S-1000 and S-1000 compatible samplers. (ie: General Music, many Emu samplers, S-2000, S-3000, etc.)

This disk is in zipped .tdo format. .TDO format is the "Teledisk" format. You need the an Akai S-1000 formatted disk or Akaidisk to format disk. Teledisk program and winzip on an IBM compatible computer to:

1. Download file "S-1000 Demo.zip"
2. Unzip (decompress file)
3. Insert S-1000 formatted disk. Or use Akaidisk to format disk in S-1000 format.
4. Use Teledisk to Extract file onto disk 3.5" S-1000 formatted HD disk (1.44meg disk).

On this demodisk #1 you get: Multi-Style drums, Moog Juno Bass, West Coast Lead.

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Note: If you have problems locating a specific software title,
goto a search engine and type in the name ie: <teledisk.zip> and try a search.

If you have problems downloading any of these disks you can mail a money order for $6 per disk (shipping included) and we'll gladly mail you the demo disk(s).   Please use the demo order form.