midi mark productionsthe mpc demo disk is just a sample of our great sounds

Demo Disk for Akai Mpc-3000 and Mpc-2000 sampling midi production center.

This disk is in zipped .tdo format. .TDO format is the "Teledisk" format. You need the Teledisk program and winzip on an IBM compatible computer to:

1. Download file "MpcDemo1.zip" or "MpcDemo2.zip"
2. Unzip (decompress file)
3. Use Teledisk to Extract file onto disk 3.5" IBM formatted HD disk (1.44meg disk).

On this demodisk #1 you get: Multi-Style drum sampler

On this demodisk #2 you get: R&B drums and sequences - Hardhouse / Industrial drums and sequences

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If you have problems downloading any of these disks you can mail a money order for $6 per disk (shipping included) and we'll gladly mail you the demo disk(s).   Please use the demo order form.