DJ Kick & Midi Mark
Producers/remixers of Progressive House - Pumpin House - Hard House Styles

Mix 2-20-2001
1.  DJ Kick & Midi Mark Feat. Franko    "Still the One"    Midi Mark Label
2. The Freak    "Rumble"     Playmobeat Records
3. DJ Kick & Midi Mark   "Without your Love"   UGS Records
4. Fragma   "Toca's Miracle"   Positiva
5. Groovy & Prime   "Listen Carefully"   Dirty House Grooves
6. Liquid Child   "Diving Faces"   Neo Recordings
7. Chris C.   "Fire on the Moon"   Aztec
8. Yomanda   "Sunshine" Hi-gate remix    Manifesto
9. Potatoheads   "Pump it Up"   Mo'Bizz
running time 30 minutes

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Coming Soon on 12"  DJ Kick & Midi Mark "Still the One" on Midi Mark Label

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