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Demo Disk for Ensoniq ASR-10, ASR-X and K-2000 Samplers.

This disk is in zipped ede format. Ede format is the "Ensoniq Disk Extractor" format by Giebler. You need the disk extractor and winzip on an IBM compatible computer to:

1. Download file "demoasr.ZIP"
2. Unzip (decompress file)
3. Use Giebler to Extract file onto disk 3.5" HD disk.

goto giebler.com

New! ASR-X op sys 2.62 from Ensoniq now loads .ede and .eda files without extraction.

On this disk you get: Midi Demo Drums, Harp OBXA, Thick Chocolate Strings, Black Bass, Bass Run Down, Flange Strings, Wow Pad 6 trk, Lush Synth.

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If you have problems downloading any of these disks you can mail a money order for $6 per disk (shipping included) and we'll gladly mail you the demo disk(s).   Please use the demo order form.